Golog is a revolutionary online logistics application launched to provide hassle-free delivery services for all businesses open to all market across the country of Malaysia. By using the most convenient and better app (PWA) today, anyone can register and login to become a driver or a customer to avail the delivery or pick up services offered. The Golog application can be used by both the customers and drivers. The customers enjoy the faster and cheaper logistics services while the drivers (and riders) earn exclusive offers and maximize their income by carrying out the delivery.

From the smallest size of document to bulk delivery, Golog drivers can deliver all types of goods as long as its legal. Golog offers four types of transportation suitable for the delivery needs - Motorcycles, Car, 4x4 and Lorry vehicles are available. Customers can choose whether to avail the Same Day Delivery, to which the delivery is sent off and received at the same day or Next Day Delivery, wherein the delivery is sent off today and received by the recipient the next day. Through Golog best performance in innovation and growth, Golog now offers coldchain services and delivery within Malay Peninsula.

Ensuring the quality and integrity of our services, Golog puts no limit of mileage in delivery. Drivers and riders can be tracked on live and are managed by the Fleet Management app. Golog makes it a mission to offer the best service throughout Malaysia and envisions to reach further and farther.


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