Calling the user and receiver before heading there is one of the best practices as GoLoger. The contact number will be available when you’ve accepted the job. If the Receiver is not available at the moment you arrived, please call the User (the person who you take the item from) and receive a clear instruction on where and whom to leave the item.

The hour is flexible, just work when you feel like working. Once a delivery pops out, you will be notified if you are within the area.

You are paid weekly to your bank account. Weekly cut off period is from Monday to Sunday (2400hr, 12am), the amount will be paid to your account in 3 working days. Drivers are charged a percentage of each trip fare. The fee helps cover costs including technology, development of app features, marketing, and payment processing for driver-partners.

GoLog is committed to the safety of our drivers and parcels. If you have been involved in an accident, please make sure that you are safe. Immediately notify police and paramedics if necessary. Please let us know (https://www.glogc.net/driver/contact_us) what happened by sharing details that will help us to support you. We will get in touch.

Please leave a feedback (https://www.glogc.net/driver/contact_us) to us and we will get in touch soon.

Yes, we’ll be paying RM2 for every order to cover your tolls and parking at the moment. Please take note that this will only be paid after 10 jobs every month.

Please refer to this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAyFLnVOV04&t=2s)

You’ve registered, but are still unverified as a Gologer. There’s a high possibility that your documents have not been uploaded. Please login to your account once you’ve created it to finish the registration process. Visit this link at www.glogc.com/driver/verified

LP is the credit in Golog, all transactions will be done with LP and each LP is equivalent to RM1.

LP is the credit in Golog, all transactions will be done with LP and each LP is equivalent to RM1.

Please bear in mind that all transactions are fully paid and no cash transaction will be involved in delivery charges. If the customers are to pay Gologer cash, it will be in form of tips and only in a form of tips.

As we have undergone trainings with Gologers before verified, it will be on the full responsibility of Gologer on the damaged items and how you will deal with the Users and/or receivers. Golog take no responsibility on the damaged items but will assists in investigation of the matter.

We have screened the registered users to be genuine business owners before they’re allowed to post in the website. To safeguard yourself, please take a picture of the items upon receiving it to ensure you have only taken the item as it is. You will be responsible to check the items before taking it to ensure they are no difference with the posted ones. In case of suspicious item, please report to Golog immediately on the order.

You will only be entitled for the fare from the pick up location to drop off location. Please bear in mind that there are no fare given for you to reach the pick up point.

Yes, you will be entitled for RM15 referral fee if the friend successfully signed up and completed the first 5 delivery tasks for Golog. If you have introduced a business partner for delivery, you’ll be given UNLIMITED referral fees. Please [contact us] for more details on how to opt in.


All Gologers are traced by our system as a live tracker. As a consumer, please bear in mind that you will be able to see the location of the Gologer sending your items. If you find any unusual behaviour of the Gologer, e.g. taking routes that is unusual or gone missing, please notify us. For any damaged and lost parcels, we will investigate the matter on a timely manner. If the Gologer is found guilty, we will penalize the personnel and the refund will be paid back.

If you’ve opt in for a vehicle that is unable to fit your item, e.g. sending a fridge but calls for motorbikes, please bear in mind that you will be penalize for abusing the system at 50% to 100% of your LP for that particular delivery.

The currency used in GoLog, 1 Logpoint equals RM1.

For company rates, please [contact us]. Do bear in mind that you will have to reach a minimum threshold of items to be able to opt in and only if all your products will be from the same location. If you are able to submit your SSM documents to us, you will be rewarded a FREE 30lp.

If your request is NOT yet accepted, just hit the “Cancel” button below the request on your user dashboard (https://www.glogc.net/users/delivery_history). If the driver already accepted your request and arrived at the pickup location, a cancellation fee of 50% of the delivery cost will be charged.

No, please take note that all transactions in Golog will be in form of LP (logpoints) and can only be purchased through our website. Any forms of cash paid to the Gologer will be in form of tips and does not contribute to the delivery charges.

If you cancel your delivery order within 15 minutes after a driver accepted it, no LP will be charged. However, you will be charged at a maximum 50% of the delivery cost if you cancel the order if you cancel it after the mentioned period.

Our charge will be based on distance on average RM1 per KM, depending on the vehicle you choose. Please bear in mind that any additional services will be charged.