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How do I download Golog Apps?

Please refer to this video [click here]

What happens if my items do not fit in the vehicle I ordered?

If you’ve opted in for a vehicle that is unable to fit your item, e.g. sending a fridge but calls for motorbikes, a 50% to 100% of your LP for that particular delivery will be charged as penalty for abusing the system.

Any referral fees when I introduced my friends?


  • If your friend signed up and done 5 delivery tasks for GoLog, you will be entitled for RM15 referral fee.
  • If you have introduced a business partner for delivery, you’ll be given UNLIMITED referral fees.
  • How is the delivery fare counted?

    You will only be entitled for the fare from the pickup location to drop off location. ***No fare will be given when you reach the pickup point.

    What if there are illegal items?

    To safeguard yourself, please take a picture of the items upon receiving it to ensure you have only taken the item as it is. Checking the items before taking it to ensure they are no difference with the posted ones is a must. In case of suspicious item, please report to Golog immediately.

    Can I collect cash from customers?

    All transactions are fully paid, so no cash transaction will be involved in delivery charges. If the customers are to pay Gologer cash, it will only be in form of tips

    How is the delivery fare counted?

    You’ve registered but are still unverified as a Gologer. There’s a high possibility that your documents have not been uploaded. Please login to your account once you’ve created it to finish the registration process. Visit this link at [contact us]