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What is LP (logpoints)?

LP is the credit in Golog, all transactions will be done with LP and each LP is equivalent to RM1

Can I pay cash for the delivery?

No, all transaction in GoLog will only be using LP (logpoints) which purchased through our website. Any forms of cash paid to the Gologer will be in form of tips and does not contribute to the delivery charges.

What are Logpoints?

The currency used in GoLog, 1 Logpoint equals RM1. I am a company with regular shipments. I'd like to get better rates from you. For company rates, please [contact us]. Do bear in mind that you will have to reach a minimum threshold of items to be able to opt in and only if all your products will be from the same location. If you are able to submit your SSM documents to us, you will be rewarded a FREE 30lp.

Will LP be deducted if I cancel my delivery?

No LP will be charged if the delivery order is cancelled within 15 minutes after a driver accepted it. However, a maximum 50% of the delivery cost will be charged if cancel after the mentioned period.