Suitable for transportation: food, package, fragile items, groceries, furniture and so on

Cold Chain

Suitable for transportation: vegetables, meat, seafood, fresh goods and so on

Why work at Golog?

GOLOG comes in as a intelligent cold chain logistic platform specially design for b2b biz , system link up business owner from upstream to downstream starting from farmer, fish village, to wholesaler,and retailer with logistic player by using crowdsource and traditional logistic and come with multiple method of delivery with comprehensive vehicle such as bike, car, pick up truck, 1 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, cold chill truck support by machine learning.

Golog Fleet
How to become a Gologer

Step 1: What You'll Need?

1. Is driving a Motorcycle, Car, 4x4 or Van.
2. Has Smart Device with Internet.
3. Malaysian IC and Driving License.

Step 2: Set time interview

During Interview please bring along your MYKAD/ PASSPORT, DRIVING LICENSE and your SMARTPHONE, download the app at your phone.

Step 3: Verified Program !

Schedule your time and start earning ! Stay tune to our latest incentive program. There have extra surprises waiting for you, Let check it out !

Step 4: Get Payment Weekly

Earn more with every delivery you make, and we will issue your payment every week ! You can
better plan your money usages.

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